About Give Back Phenomenal

A Human Capital Project for Poor Kids To Get Computer Tech & Coding Skills, and other Empowerment Resources

Poverty exists principally because of human capital deficiency. It is human capital deficiency that has caused Africa and other poor societies to lag behind in economic competitiveness.

So what is human capital?

At EGDC we define human capital as the stock of knowledge in addition to the quality of wellness and human behavioral skills needed to produce economic value.

Knowledge can be acquired formally or experientially. Wellness and its quality are critical to human behavior.

Attitudes and other behavioral skills make it possible to use and maximize one’s knowledge and wellness for the production of economic value.

Economic value is the benefits we get from goods and services.

At EGDC we have created a program called Give Back-Phenomenal to end intergenerational poverty transfer by promoting human capital development among poor kids.

Give back – Phenomenal, is a Promise Keeper facility that provides computer tech & coding skills along with other empowerment resources to help poor kids aged 7 to 17 to become more economically competitive.

The program is designed for people like you who are ready to help change the world by committing to contribute whatever you can to fight poverty. We call you Promise Keepers because you keep your promise to contribute.

Promise Keepers against poverty believe that no one should be left behind. Promise Keepers agree that computer tech & coding skills along with other empowerment resources are the best tools for poor kids to escape poverty as they get older.

Imagine how your $1 or more in contribution can make a difference. Consider that $1 may be the difference in being able to purchase that one computer for the poor kid.

How the Give Back Phenomenal works

As a promise keeper you can help us create awareness among your friends to support poor kids in any community of your choice. No amount is too small. Even a $1 contribution is good. In Nigeria, to be sure that they are contributing, many people who themselves are poor because of their belief in the program are donating about 100 Naira a month, the equivalent of about 25 cents. To start please Click on Give Back and enter a world of personal satisfaction.

You can also join our Phenomenal Clubs at www.phenomenalhcd.com. We invite you to create a Club and join others to transform the future of poor kids in your community or around the world. Seeing a kid succeed is like your ball team winning a game. It may even be more exhilarating. Just try it.

There is a poor kid in a community counting on you. As a Promise Keeper you can make a difference. 

How Did We Start?

Give Back – Phenomenal was conceived by our founder and Executive Chairman, Prof. Magnus Kpakol.

Professor Kpakol was Chief Economic Advisor to the President of Nigeria. He was also an Advisor to the President on poverty eradication and headed the National Poverty Eradication Program (NAPEP). Before that he taught development economics and other courses at the University of Dallas in Dallas, Texas where he also resides.

While Professor Kpakol was Advisor to the President of Nigeria on poverty eradication over an eight year period, he designed many creative strategies. He introduced a Conditional Cash Transfer program for the first time in the history of Nigeria. The program was called COPE (in care of the people). In addition, Prof. Kpakol introduced some programs he had already started at EGDC before heading NAPEP.  Notable among these were Village Economic Development Solutions (Village Solutions) with Anchor activities, Give Back and Promise Keeper Programs (PKP).

At EGDC the Give Back Program is mostly driven by Promise Keepers and Champions to transform poor kids with limited economy opportunity into global players that can change the world. Our Give Back human capital development program is essentially for empowering poor kids to ultimately become world class producers of goods and services. People who can produce goods and services rule the world, those that cannot are trampled upon.

Given the horrible harm that poverty causes, Prof. Kpakol created the Economic Growth and Development Center (EGDC) in 2002 to focus primarily on solutions. Primary among these solutions is human capital development. At the EGDC we recognize that Africa’s seemingly unending and pervasive poverty and the consequential uncompetitiveness, globally altogether, is caused by grave human capital deficiency. With 50% of the people in Nigeria and across Sub-Saharan Africa unable to earn above $1.90 a day because they are in poverty it is doubtful how they can be globally competitive.

The Give Back Solution

Because the world has entered the age of digital computing and a Fourth Industrial Revolution, the hope for Africa lies in technological growth, wellness and the ability to develop computer software and other global skills to become more competitive in the production of goods and services. 

In this we cannot leave 50% of the people behind, excluded and cancelled by poverty. A good and viable solution will provide computer tech & coding skills along with other empowerment resources to poor kids in school.

How You Can Be A Promise Keeper or Give Back Champion

Simply sign up on this platform to get started as a Promise Keeper.  You may also reach us by telephone or email at givebackphenomenal@gmail.com and +234 708 672 6000.

You may also become a Champion by matching funds with us to support poor school kids in the community of your choice. Please click here https://egdcenter.org/donations/donation-form/

Our community programs are full of fun, entertainment and satisfaction. The EGDC human capital development way has a touch of African entertainment. Let’s get started.  It is Phenomenal.

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