Prof Magnus Kpakol’s inaugural speech at the National Defence College Abuja

The event which attracted the upper echelon of the Nigerian military, including the Chief of Defence Staff and all the Service Chiefs and the Inspector General of Police in Nigeria and others took place at the National Defence College, the apex military institution in Nigeria which provides strategic level training for senior officers of the […]

Strap in Nigerians! Inflation is on the Rise

It is no longer in doubt that Nigeria is experiencing an extremely high rate of inflation. Even those who aren’t familiar with economic terms can tell you that consumer goods prices have more than doubled in 2022. The Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS) places Nigeria’s inflation rate at 21.5% as of November 2022. Nigeria Inflation: […]

Inflation in Africa

The world is battling a condition of rising consumer price levels or simply inflation, as countries are experiencing record-breaking inflation rates. The Russia-Ukraine war has exacerbated the hike in prices, especially energy prices as a result of scarcity due to supply chain disruptions. Indeed Nigeria and other African countries are therefore currently facing very significant […]

New Investment in Egypt set to end Tomato wastage

Africa has become the new frontier for development as it is attracting a lot of interest and investments across the globe. In January 2022, the Italian Development Cooperation disclosed plans to contribute over €4.55 million to two United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) projects in Egypt and Iraq. The Egypt project has been developed after […]

Inflation: Not ready to slow down

Nigeria’s inflation is not showing any signs that it’s about to slow down. I have argued that inflation in Nigeria is largely due to supply side factors. The low level of production has accounted for the large gap between demand and available supply. As shown above the average quarterly headline inflation rate has continued to […]


Remittances are monies sent by migrant workers or members of a diaspora community to their families, friends, colleagues, business associates or acquaintances for support, gift or business course. Much of the monies sent are used to cater for basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Remittance is a means of sharing prosperity from high-income […]