Who We Are - Economic Growth and Development Center

Our Mission

To promote economic development by helping individuals, institutions, communities and nations end poverty, become prosperous and more economically competitive, using human capital development, global partnerships and increased productivity.

Aims & Objectives

Create programs and platforms to promote global partnerships and human capital development for increased output, productivity, poverty eradication and global competitiveness. Help develop programs for connecting skills with local and national endowments for speeding economic growth and development at local and national levels. Aim to integrate the informal sector into the mainstream economy.

Provide technical assistance to micro, small and medium enterprises for overcoming the challenges they face in acquiring and developing human capital, accessing financial resources and developing global markets. Provide policy advice and technical assistance to public and private institutions in developing and managing skills/talents, attracting and retaining investments and creating economic value.

Our broad areas of activity

  1. Economic development
  2. Human Capital Development (Human capital)
  3. Poverty Eradication Strategies(Poverty)
  4. Global Competitiveness
  5. Global partnerships
  6. International Economics and Business Management
  7. Banking, Finance, Microfinance and other Financial Strategies for poverty eradication
  8. Leadership and Soft Skills Training (Leadership and Skills)
  9. Micro, Small and Medium Business Development (Small and Medium Enterprises)
  10. Monetary and fiscal policy strategies for development (Monetary and Fiscal)

Our team of Associates, Experts and Researchers from around the world includes professionals in the following fields;

Human capital development, in general Education Health and wellness Behavioral skills Output growth and Productivity Economic growth and development Value creation Banking and Finance Agriculture Energy Poverty reduction Job creation Skills development, including up-skilling, re-skilling, talent management Law Economic and public policy analysis Policy advice Global partnerships Business promotion and Market development Technology