Who we are

Economic Growth and Development Center (Economic Center) is a private and independent international organization, committed to fighting poverty by developing strategies for productivity and economic prosperity. We realize this by working with people, institutions, communities, governments, and nations to promote human capital development, global partnerships, and various strategies for achieving global economic competitiveness. The final analysis, is all about raising the level of living by investing in people and protecting their assets.

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What We do

Poverty Eradication and Community Economic Development

We help you navigate the intricacies of economic growth and development by offering consulting services in the following areas of specialization: poverty eradication, business and community economic development, human capital development, and global partnerships.

Innovative Human Capital Development

We have working relationships with the University of Texas at Dallas and the Success Training Institute in the USA, amongst others to help our experienced in-house team offer both in-person and online world-class training in several areas

Human Capital Development Economic Center Services

Global Study Tours

We take you on a transformative learning experience with our global Study Tours, to explore diverse economies, witness best practices and engage with industry leaders in our carefully curated tours designed to broaden your horizons and inspire innovation.

Study Tour Economic Center Services

Facilitating Global Partnerships

We provide global partnerships solutions for public and private organizations as well as individuals looking to become more competent, productive, and competitive, by helping to enhance their human capital intermediation in locating and engaging needed financial, technological, and other resources.

Global Partnership Economic Center Services


We use the power of storytelling to inspire change, encourage dialogue and raise awareness on important issues.

Documentaries Economic Center Services

Our Courses

We offer the following courses


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Cybersecurity Economic Center Courses

Policy & Data Analysis

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Data Analysis Economic Center Courses

Global Skills

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Global Skill Economic Center Courses

Poverty Eradication strategies

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Poverty Eradication strategies Economic Center Courses

Human Capital Development

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Human Capital Development Economic Center Courses

Economic Development

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Economic Development Economic Center Courses
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